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Numbering Heads


Non Automatic Multi-Wheel Heads are used to stamp repetitive sequences such as product codes, part numbers, date codes, etc. The same character sequence is retained after each impression is made unless changed by the operator. The heads are supplied with any number of character wheels that you require and the character wheels can be Alpha (A to M, N to Z) or Numeric (0 to 9) to allow Numeric or Alpha-Numeric sequences to be stamped. Character sizes range from 1/32" to 3/8", other sizes upon special order.

Numbering heads are available with a Hand Shank for use with a hammer or with a Press Shank for power press applications.

Automatic Numbering Heads


Automatic Numbering Heads are used for rapid, accurate, consecutive numbering . The machine is actuated either by a mechanical means, or by an air tripped attachment. The air tripped attachment can be combined with a multiple duplication attachment which allows the operator to repeat the same number from 1 to 24 times before actuation.


To request a product demonstration, or to speak with a technical representative regarding production line integration and or application specifics, please call us at 416.231.0822. Email enquiries can be forwarded to: faststamp@hcmorrison.com



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