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Micro-Percussion marking

Using a rapidly vibrating, computer guided instrument, the "Pro-Pen P3000" can quickly & accurately mark on a wide array of industrial materials.

The principal of micro-percussion marking is based on making indents in the material using a vibrating tool. This will not weaken the material to be marked, whatever its thickness may be.

Does not require the use of inks or other consumables.
Prints up to 5 characters per second.
Marks characters, digits and logos.
Fully independant, complete with integrated software.

• Logos
• Serial Numbers
• Production Codes
• Linear, angular and circular marking
•Inverted, mirrored, reflected marking

To request a product demonstration, or to speak with a technical representative regarding production line integration and or application specifics, please call us at 416.231.0822. Email enquiries can be forwarded to: faststamp@hcmorrison.com



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