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Steel Hand Stamps

Basic Indent stamping can be accomplished using these hand held letter, figure and symbol stamps. Characters are individually indented with a hammer blow.

* Avialable in Figure sets, Letter sets, or Inspector Symbols.
* Standard character sizes range from 1/16" through 3/8"
* Reverse characters are available for mold marking
* Sharp face characters are standard.
* Low stress Round face and Dot design are available


Interchangeable Steel Type Holders

These holders are designed to hold several pieces of steel type to allow several characters to be shamped at one time. The pieces can easily be interchanged to stamp different information as required.

* Avialable in accomodate 2 to 16 characters from 1/16" to 1/4" character size.
* Supplied with Machine shank for press use, or hand shank for manual stamping with a hammer.
* Configurations available for Straight line or Curved line stamping on flat, convex or concave surfaces.


Interchangeable Steel Type

There are many configurations of Steel type used in Industrial applications. The variations of type in shape and size are dictated by character size and the method that they are secured in the typeholder. Whether the typeholder is Straight Line, Radial, or Segmental also determines shape of the type.

Pictured below are a few common type configurations. H.C. Morrison can supply virtually and style of type that you may require.

Steel Stamping Dies

Engraved dies designed with Part Numbers, Logos, and other information on one die. Available with Shank or Dovetail to fit any press, or configured to fit press tooling to indent during stamping operations. These dies can be contoured to fit curved, convex, concave or compound-contoured parts.

These dies can be manufactured using A2, D2, M2, 01 or other steel alloys to exact hardness to suit each individual job.

To speak with a technical representative regarding these products, and or their applications, please call us at 416.231.0822. Email enquiries can be forwarded to: faststamp@hcmorrison.com

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