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Just press and print!

With this stamp you don't need a separate stamp pad because the ink is in the stamp. You need only re-ink your stamp after thousands of impressions.

This stamp has a large index area on the front of the stamp guarantees you'll choose the correct stamp each time.

The ergonomical engineered handle is designed to make ULTIMARK pre-inked stamps comfortable to use.

Each pre-inked stamp has a dust cover to protect the stamp die and keep ink from coming in contact with your desk or other surfaces when the stamp is not in use.

You can buy refil ink for ULTIMARK pre-inked stamp separately. Any time, when you feel that your stamp impression is not clear and crisp enough put a few drops of ink in the special container on the top of the stamp under the cover and it will give you more great impressions.

Standard Colours: Black, Blue, Red

Model Size Price Model Size Price
UM4 0.625 x 1.625 $29.00   UM24 1.5 x 3 $45.50
UM5 0.75 x 2 $34.10   UM26 1.5 x 4 $64.70
UM6 0.75 x 2.5 $37.10   UM28 2 x 2 $52.25
UM8 0.75 x 5 $37.10   UM30 2 x 4 $72.15
UM10 1 x 2.5 $37.10   UM32 2.5 x 3 $72.75
UM12 41 x 3 $41.25   UM34 3 x 4 $96.00
UM14 1 x 4 $52.25
UM16 1.25 x 2 $39.15
UM23 1.5 x 2.5 $46.90  
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